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What to Look for When Buying a Used Car to Family Auto of Berea?

Now, you have decided to buy a used car greenville sc to stay on the economical side of things but just because you are not willing to pay as much as a new car, it does not mean you will take whatever you get. Properly maintained used cars can serve you as well as a new car and every penny that you spend while buying will be worth it. You can definitely carry a mechanic along while making the purchase but you can also dawn the expert’s hat and inspect the vehicle yourself. A few parameters send out obvious signs about a car’s health and these are what you should be keeping an eye on while you are buying a used car.

1.Open the hood and look inside

Start with the car’s heart first. Go for the hood and manually inspect whatever parts come in your visual range. Check the pipes that carry the fluid, see the condition of the transmission belts. Keep an eye out for leaks and maybe conduct a dipstick test on the oil. The more inspections you can carry out, the better. And go for only that car whose hood paint a pretty picture.

2.Observe the exterior next

Rust is your car’s enemy. Isolated rust in a few areas are fine as no metal can survive eternally without a single spec of damage but if a massive chunk has fallen victim to rust, it is better to move on to the next car, no matter how much the offer price is on that vehicle. Also, look for dents and new blots which are signs of an accident and inquire about the car’s history should you happen to find any.

3. Inspect the upholstery
Many buyers tend to ignore the seats and the mats while buying a used car but these are what will cost you the most if you have to replace them anytime. So, be smart and check for a damp, tear or other issues with car’s upholstery and inspect every inch for any anomaly. And while you are at it, check for the other functioning of the seats like its adjustments or warmers and makes sure they are in perfect condition.

4. Fire up the engine and take a test drive

There are a few reasons to do this while buying a new car. Visual inspection of the engine will not show you any defect to its internal parts. However, as soon as you turn the key and fire it up, any sound will tell you how well the car is at that moment. Then turn the key to accessory position to check the dashboard lights and draw attention to your dealer if anyone does not light up. Next, drive your car and get its feel.

5. Lastly, examine the tires and check their wear and tear

You certainly cannot expect the tires to be in top shape. Used car’s tires will come along with a few wear and tear. What you need to look at here is the evenness of these defects across the surface of each tire and on all the tires to judge the car’s suspensions, transmission, and leaks. Uneven wear and tear are not normal. Move on if you find that one tire has lost shape more than the others or is in a better condition than the rest.

And then there is always mileage but that may not be your deciding factor. A used car with high mileage on it can be a top-quality car and the reverse statement can also be true. To remain absolutely sure that your used car is the best one that you are getting for that price, stick to authentic dealers like Family Auto of Berea who give you warranty on your car. This validates the car’s quality and gives you peace of mind. Buy the right used car and drive it around with pride.


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