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Used Car Maintenance Tips: The Secrets to Your Car’s Long Life

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You have surely heard those exciting stories where a 1991 Toyota Camry ran successfully on the road for over 10 years or that Honda Civic whose engine gave a mileage of over 120,000 miles just with minor repairs. You also want your used car to behave in the same way. You want it to run long, visit the shop as less as possible, and give you complete value for the money you paid for it. To ensure such a scenario, you will have to do more than just drive the car around. You will have to maintain it and keep the vehicle in top shape. Here are a few tips for you.

Tip 1: Read the car’s manual thoroughly

No manual will teach you how to drive the car. But what it tells you is when to take your car for regular maintenance, change whatever needs to be changed, and much more. The top car dealerships near me will hand both the car’s manual and its previous maintenance history over to you. Read, compare, and book the appropriate dates on your calendar.

Tip 2: Clean your car every 7 days

Dust is your vehicle’s nemesis. It not only clogs up your air-conditioning vents but also blocks the air filter, which affects the engine and thus, the entire car. Even unattended leaves can do the same damage and you need to make sure that your car stays clean as much as possible. Clean it thoroughly every 7 days. Increase the frequency if the weather is dry.

Tip 3: Take your car only to genuine shops

For regular maintenance or repairs, take your car to only the top and trusted used car lots Greenville SC, preferably the one from where you bought the vehicle in the first place. Small-time players, at times, install counterfeit auto parts in your car which not only wreaks havoc inside your vehicle’s mechanics but also puts your safety at risk. Stick to known dealers and stay safe.

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Tip 4: Constantly monitor tire pressure

Deflated tires put pressure on your suspensions and make the engine work harder than it is supposed to. Thus, your engine ages faster and suffers from glitches more often. Do not take your car out at sub-optimal tire pressure. Keep a constant tab, inflate it whenever possible, and maintain the change schedule with the utmost strictness.

Each and every one of these tips will only work when you have bought a quality used car in the first place. And to ensure that, get your vehicle from top dealerships like the Family Auto sales who back their cars with warranty and provide you with supreme servicing. Buy right, maintain right, and drive your car for a long time.


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