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Top 4 Used Minivans That Money Can Buy

Despite their mammoth size, minivans are still a hot favorite in the used car market. In fact, it is their size that gives the vehicles an edge over SUVs and pickups as even families of fours are going for this segment rather than looking anywhere else. If you search for the “best car trader near me” and place your trust right, you can walk away with an affordable minivan with roomy interiors and cargo space way more than any SUV. Plus, these are multipurpose vehicles, perfect for those long intercity drives and the weekend trip to the supermarket.

Here are 4 top choices for you. Try buying a 5 to 7-year-old but depending on your budget and future plans, you can go older as well.

1.Toyota Sienna
No one makes a better family car than Toyota. And the Sienna is its crown jewel minivan that has held on to its market popularity for over a decade now. For a little over $16,000, you can drive home the safest minivan in the Sienna with the best crash test scores and safety techs. Plus, the reliability rating of this model has always hovered in the higher brackets, giving you great value for money.

2.Honda Odyssey
Honda’s Odyssey is a massive car. It can fit your family and your skis. Although the reliability rating has dropped to average over the past couple of years, safety is where it impresses the most. The Japanese automaker has packed the Odyssey with all the safety techs that you can imagine. And the infotainment is modern enough to keep all your family members entertained. To complete your checklist of all the things to do in Greenville, SC,the Odyssey is your friend.

3. Kia Sedona
The car that Kia has got precisely right. The V6 engine under its hood generates enough power to carry all your cargo load. And the model carries a perfect 5-star safety rating from NHTSA. 7 members can sit comfortably. Buy the one with the second-row bench and you can fit in 8.To get a Sedona, you have to search for the best bad credit car dealerships near me as small used car dealerships rarely house this model owing to its overwhelming popularity.

4. Chrysler Pacifica
Chrysler Pacifica deserves a look because of its best-in-the-market safety features. Plus, you get a massive cargo space of 140.5 cu. ft. which hardly any other minivan can match. But where the Pacifica disappoints a bit is its reliability. However, you can bypass that by buying from the best car trader near me who provides flat warranties on all their models. Once you get the reliability angle sorted, the Pacifica will work like a wonder with impressive EPA, drive feel, and superior comfort for all the passengers.


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