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The Best Gas Saving Sedans that will Mint Money While Your Drive

Budgeting for a car does not end merely with the listed price. The next expense that immediately shows its face comes in the form of gas. Now, if you pick the first used cars near me that you like in the dealership or pay little heed to the EPA ratings, you may very well be paying for a car with a gas-consuming demon inside. Your fuel expenses will soon burn a hole in your pocket, your car will become nothing but a model, and you will be back to square one. That is, walk to your work despite having a car. To save yourself from such mayhem, select a gas-saving sedan. A car that will make your visits to the gas stations a rare event.

Here are a few recommendations for you.

1.Honda Civic

By far the best sedan that ticks all the right boxes and returns a healthy EPA without a hybrid engine. Honda has gotten rid of all the extra weight that a sedan normally carries and has shot up its fuel efficiency to levels of 36 mpg combined. And even with the weight compromises, you will not feel starved for any feature that you want from your car as the Japanese somehow know how to deliver the best in their vehicles.

2. Mitsubishi Mirage

This car packs a bit of bulk but does not disappoint on the EPA part. If Civic gives you 36 mpg combined, Mirage returns with 37 mpg combined. On the highway, the figures reach 41 mpg and naturally, fuel economy is its strong suit. But where it loses out on being the best and trumping Civic is its engine where Mitsubishi could not match Honda. Pick Mirage if fuel-saving is your top priority, as evident from its ratings.

3. Toyota Prius Prime

Among all the hybrids that run on the road, Toyota’s Prius is definitely the one to buy. Although it returns a decent combined EPA of 133 MPGe, a tad less than a few hybrid vehicles that Honda produces, Toyota takes away the prize in looks, features, comfort, powertrain, feel, safety, and more. Prius Prime comes loaded with specs that you will love. And as for fuel consumption, the electric motors will back you up.

4.Kia Optima Hybrid

Optima made its way to this list owing to its driver-friendliness and a powerful 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. EPA wise, the figures might be below the benchmarks set by Honda and Toyota, but if you are looking for a car that is meant for you and your family’s entertainment, Kia Optima is the one for you. Its infotainment is super impressive and that kind of makes up for its 103 MPGe rating. For a mid-size sedan, Kia can definitely be your choice.

5.Hyundai Elantra

And if you do not want a hybrid and wish for a car that will cost you less initially as well, Hyundai Elantra deserves a careful look. Combined EPA is around 35 mpg. It returns 32 mpg city and 40 mpg highway. The base model also shows decent fuel efficiency where the figures reach nearly around 28 mpg city and 37 mpg highway. Elantra helps you to save a few bucks on purchase and also while you drive.

The likes of Lexus, Audi, and Tesla also give stiff competition to these cars but their price also follows an upward curve along with their EPA ratings. No matter what you choose, make sure you stick to authentic dealers like Family Auto Berea where the inventory is massive enough to layout all these options for you. Plus, you get warranties on your car, get the peace of mind of quality, and be sure what you are buying will deliver what you want. Gas saving sedans are the way to go as fuel prices are never your friend.


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