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Nissan Titan vs Ford F-150: Which is the Better Used Truck?

Nissan Titan range of pickup trucks is sold as a direct competitor to the Ford F-150 and even though the two trucks boast of near-similar specs, the top auto dealership in Greenville, SC, sells the Fords more than Nissans. This drives up the price of Ford trucks in the used car market even though new Titans cost way higher than the F-150s. And this creates a natural dilemma among used truck shoppers. Both models have good customer reviews online. Both brands fair well on the reliability quotient. Just based on the price, Nissan should feel like a better bet but it is not.

The F-150 has everything that the Titan has

And it offers more to its owners. The Regular Cab variant comfortably seats 3 in its chambers and returns a modest power of 290 HP. Transmission has been 6-speed automatic for quite some time now and is mighty comfortable to drive. All trims carry the basic safety features. And towing is decent along with a modest bed size and storage capacity. EPA is around 25 mpg which is impressive in the trucks segment.

The Titan is a good substitute to the F-150

While buying used cars from dealers,you might find the dealership without a standing F-150 unless the inventory is large enough. This is when Nissan’s Titan deserves a look as for a few dollars more, you get 390 HP from its powertrain, 7-speed automatic transmission, a comfortable ride and seating for 3 within the cabin. EPA, however, is not at par with the F-150. Neither is towing capacity or handling. The Titan is the best fit for getting your shipping work done but not recommended for a fishing trip to the nearby lake.

F-150’s resale value is better than the Titan’s

Given both the trucks of the same quality, the F-150 will sell at a higher price than the Titan. The popularity of Ford trucks shoots up the resale value which will ultimately benefit you if you do not intend to keep the vehicle for long. Also, the comparatively better reliability rating of the F-150 will help your resale cause, provided you bought from a reputed auto dealership in Greenville, SC, and taken care of the truck throughout your ownership.

The verdict is clear

Ford F-150 it is. Even if the truck costs you a few bucks extra while buying used cars with bad credit. In the long run,the F-150 will serve your better, take care of your every demand, and sell high when the time for an upgrade comes.


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