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Is Factory-Built Navigation Really Necessary in Your Car?

Subaru Outback 2009

Navigation is necessary. That goes without a doubt. But with your smartphone carrying the same feature with better options, the use of factory-build navigation systems is increasingly becoming questionable. Especially for shoppers interested in used cars for sale in Greenville, the factory-build navigation system can increase the price by almost $4,000 where basic trims of most makes do not carry the same as standard.When mounting a $300 phone can perform the same trick, why bother paying 10 times that at all?

Factory-built navigations are not entirely useless

On a remote location where your phone is unlikely to have any network, the factory-built navigation system will still work. They use satellite-based GPS to fetch directions and do not need the internet or any such connectivity. So, if you are likely to take your car out of the city limits frequently, and venture out into areas unknown, you will want the factory-built over your smartphone’s navigation. Plus, they are covered under the manufacturer’s bumper-to-bumper warranty. In a fairly new used car, you get that benefit.

The technology is as new as your car

Unlike your smartphone, the factory-built navigation system does not receive regular updates. That means you will be driving around with a 2011 or 2012 map in a used car of that year. You can, however, update the map by inserting a memory chip with the latest program for a cost of nearly $200 but if you are really not that much of a tech-enthusiast, any car dealership in Greenville, SC, will suggest you go for a standard vehicle without the upgrade or the in-built system altogether. It is pointless to increase your net price with things you do not need.

But it does increase the vehicle’s resale value

Toyota Highlander 2005

Many dealerships selling buy here pay here cars in Greenville do encourage customers to get a vehicle with the factory-built navigation system. On the dashboard, it appears as a 7-inch widescreen, often with touch feature, and complemented by a modern design and other latest installations. These automatically increase the vehicle’s resale value and you can truly benefit from the system monetarily if you are not looking to keep the car after 5 years. Tech-rich cars are hot favorites in the used car market. Talk with your dealer to find the best option.

Do you need it then?

You can surely do without it. But strategy may dictate something else. If you are already buying from bad credit car dealerships in Greenville, skip the factory-built navigation feature as it will only increase your vehicle’s price. But if you are paying a high down payment, getting it at a competitive price, and do not want to overwork your phone, pick the add-on with your eyes closed. For the right price, the benefits do outweigh the cons.


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