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How to Find Car Loans for People with Bad Credit | Family Auto of Berea

Your bad credit score is tormenting, isn’t it? You wake up one morning thinking about buying a car, and your credit score immediately start to haunt you. There goes enjoying your morning coffee! You can’t go to a bank. You can’t finance the total amount now. Life seems to be in an utter mess. But your troubles are bothering you simply because you are looking at the wrong places. With a bad credit score, you can never get financing from the bank. However, things are very different at Family Auto.

What! Did I hear that right?

Absolutely! Used cars Greenville like Family Auto of Berea do not care about your credit score. A bad score or no score at all, you can always finance your car here. All they look into is the stability of your current job and hand over the keys immediately if you fit this easy criterion. You also get excellent service, warranty on their cars, and many more reasons to rejoice.

Why are they so generous?

Generosity is not the topic here. That is their trade. Family Auto is a buy here pay here used cars, one of the best-known Greenville dealerships who has their own in-house financing team. Hence, they operate out of the unnecessary jargons of the whole banking system and have much more lenient policies. However, every dealership of Family Auto is accredited by BBB which makes the whole venture legal.

Okay! What am I missing out on then?

Nothing! There are no hidden motives for providing you with the financing despite your bad score. In fact, you get all the facilities available at other dealerships on top of the warranties on every car. The parts are genuine, service is top-class and you get a variety of brand options while purchasing used cars in Greenville. Family Auto of Berea breaks the traditional norm, that you will have to sacrifice a few things to get something better.

Well, then the down payment must be high

Negative, here as well. Family Auto provides you with flexible down payment options where you can bring in your old car to exchange with a new used car, use referral money to pay the some of the initial amounts, or opt for the provision where the sum is adjusted according to your monthly salary. Down payment is based on your income and choice of a vehicle. It is as much as you want it to be.

But all these are too good to be true

And that is the reality with the top used car dealerships Greenville like Family Auto. So, stop your bad credit score to come in between you and your car. Give up the banks, finish your morning coffee, and head over to Family Auto of Berea in Greenville, SC.