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How to Check the Engine’s Health While Buying a Used Car?

On the unfortunate occasion that your recently bought used car does suffer a few glitches, the maximum expenses you will have to incur are behind the vehicle’s engine. This part is literally the heart of the car. And naturally, any repair work of any fault to it will rarely come cheap. Thus, while selecting from among a range of used cars Greenville SC, your primary evaluating point must be the engine’s health. You will want to drive home a car with a near-perfect heart that will not trouble you financially at least for 3 years.

To effectively check a used car’s engine health without tearing it apart, keep an eye out for the following indicative parameters.

1. Look at the color of the oil

At the dealership, request for the car’s manual for instructions or ask the staff to perform a dip stick test right in front of you. The color of oil on the stick must be clear brown. Any other color is an indication of poor engine health. And while you are at it, also check the level of the oil. Too low means that the engine had often been starved of oil.

2. Check under the car for leaks

Take a photo of the underlying area of the car and check for oil deposits. A dirty surface means that oil leaks from the car. If such is the case, there is also a chance that the coolants of the engine leak as well which adversely affects the engine’s health. The vehicles in the top used car dealerships in Greenville SC will have a clean metallic surface.

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3. Keep your ears open to weird sounds

Both at standstill and while running, the engine should not be giving out any knocking, pinging or struggling sounds. A good engine will run smooth. Even the ones in used trucks Greenville should not be making any raging sounds no matter what the power rating is on that vehicle. Take it for a drive and stay at it for as long as you can. Really listen for strange noises.

4. Inspect and smell the exhaust fumes

Keep the engine running, give it a few minutes, and then walk behind the car to check the color and smell of the exhaust fumes. The smoke must be greyish white in color and black, blue, or any other shade should act as your warning signs. Also, sit close enough to inhale a bit of it to test the smell. The best used cars Greenville SC will have the fragrance of oil only.


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