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How Mileage Matters for Used Trucks in Berea?

What is the first thing that crosses your mind while looking at used trucks for sale in Greenville? Price? Model? Make? No, it is mileage. Most used truck buyers immediately open the door and check the odometer reading on the dashboard before even considering to look at the brand symbol on the grille. Mileage matters in used vehicles. And the lower, the better.

Well, we will have to ask you to rethink your perspectives here. Low mileage is not a clear indication of the health of used cars in Greenville. Especially in the case of used trucks, a high odometer reading can actually be a boon in disguise as trucks tend to perform better with the miles that they add on themselves. How? Here is how.

Trucks are not built to sit in the garage

A low odometer reading can be an indication that the truck you are about to buy sat idly for a long time. This jams up the gears, breaks the timing belt, rusts the metallic parts in the engine, and stiffens the brakes. Unless taken care of with all the maintenance schedules maintained, an idle truck will age early. In fact, a 5-year-old 60,000 miles used truck will return a poorer performance and see more repairs than a 90,000-100,000 miles model.

Bigger engines prefer the added miles

Used trucks, heavy-duty or mid-sized, carry bulkier engines than hatches and sedans. And bigger engines return better fuel mileage and performance as they cover more distance on the road. The science behind this is hinged on friction. Even with the best of lubrication, the screws and moving parts free up once they have worked a substantial bit. Bigger engines carry greater weight and the cylinders need things to free up to properly utilize the fuel inside.

The way trucks add mileage matters

People generally buy used cars in Greenville to ride around the Berea city. And within the city limits, you will not cover a lot of distance but will stop frequently. This directly puts pressure on the entire power train system, starting from the engine to transmission to brakes, and even when the mileage is low, the car has suffered its share. But bulky trucks are rarely bought to move around Berea. They cruise the highway where brakes are infrequent but miles are more. This saves the power train and helps the truck to survive long.

So, the next time you are visiting used car dealerships in Greenville to buy trucks, keep aside the mileage factor. High mileage trucks will come cheap, provide better performance, and might last long with a good resale.


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