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How Many People are Getting Cured of the Coronavirus? What is the Rate?

As per the latest data as on April 8, 2020, the number of coronavirus infections in the United States is gradually touching the 400,000-mark, the greatest number of cases reported by any country in the world. New York alone saw over 700 fatalities in the last 24 hours with the total tally standing 12,911 in the US. Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases termed the US health system as failing and Governors all around the country are raising alarms of ventilators and testing kit shortages. Typically, these statistics and information tend to stay with us. We are feeling threatened and panicked. But the picture is not quite as grim as it sounds. There is continuous light even in this dark tunnel.

Nearly 22,539 people have recovered from the COVID-19

And that is in the United States alone. Worldwide, 228,233 people have completely recovered out of the 1.4 million confirmed cases and 82,991 fatalities. When stacked against each other, the picture is naturally showing an alarming number of infections as the coronavirus is highly contagious but the number of lost lives is always lesser than the number recovered.

The recovery figures are underreported

This means that the 22,539 is not an accurate figur. More people have recovered but the system has not captured their data. As the United States is suffering from a lack of test kits, detecting the infection has been kept on priority rather than testing who all are getting better. In other words, if you are showing COVID-19 symptoms, you will get tested and your case will be reported. But if you have healed completely and not showing symptoms anymore, testing might not reach you as others will need the limited resources more than you. This naturally drives up the infection figures and lowers the recovery stats.

WHO believes that the disease can be contained

Although the World Health Organization has termed the COVID-19 infection as a global pandemic, it has also said that this is the only pandemic that can be contained. Rapid testing is key to isolate the infected and restrict the spread. The CDC is also preaching the importance of social distancing in containing the virus. Our buy here pay here dealership in Berea, South Carolina, is open but we have migrated most of our processing to online. We are also maintaining strict sanitizing and social distancing norms at the dealership to restrict the chances of infections while serving our customers. Such small steps from all of us can flatten the curve soon and prevent the infection numbers from growing.

Not all are prone to COVID-19 deaths

People with healthy physiology and no existing medical condition will have a mild respiratory infection due to the COVID-19. It is likely to heal with a few days of rest and care. People above the age of 60 years are most at risk of developing an acute respiratory infection due to their poor lung capacity. Smoking can also be detrimental if the infection finds its way to you. And even if the case is serious, life support with ventilation can reduce the possibility of death happening unless some other organ is already damaged within the body.

Keeping an eye on the bright side is important

As we still do not know a lot about this current virus and the vaccine is months away. The infection and fatality figures are definitely intimidating but the recovery numbers should invoke hope. Things have already improved in China. Italy and Iran are also reporting lower fatalities with every passing day. The United States is sure to get there with time as the best minds are continuously battling the threat.


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