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How $500 Down Became a Great Deal for Many Used Car Customers?

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Posted by Family Auto of Berea on Thursday, August 20, 2020

There is no dearth of advocates who advise against taking credits with low down payments. And surely, they have logical reasons as well. But the need for a car does not arise in sync with the balance in your savings account. You may need the car right away to increase your productivity, earn more, or simply, keep your job. Such situations make the buy here pay here with $500 down offer a life savior. Many used car shoppers do take the flexible down payment deal and improve their lives from thereon so as to make sense of all those advice later. Here are a few encouraging stories for you.

Dorothy and her 2010 Nissan Frontier

Dorothy R. Probst (school psychologist) was struggling with her previous car. It was old and breaking down frequently, leading her to miss school often. She also desperately needed an upgrade with space to support her growing family needs and buying another hatchback was not an option. But she was delaying her purchase owing to the down payment issue. Affording 10% on the net price for an SUV or pickup was out of her reach. Until she found the right car dealership in Greenville, SC with the $500 down offer. She got a 2010 Frontier with in-house financing from the dealership. Dorothy admits that the deal helped her to keep her job and get the car that she needed to place her life back on track again.

Weldon and his 2008 Honda Civic

Weldon Sheppard had just passed college and joined as the supply manager in a company that is a one-hour ride from his rented residence. Obviously, Weldon did not have a massive bank balance to afford a car’s down payment but he could not go without one as well as his job, again, required a transport. He searched for the best dealers selling only the best cars in Greenville, SC, and picked up a 2008 Honda Civic by paying $500 as a down payment. The purpose, as Weldon puts it, is to get a car that will serve me long until I find my feet. The $500 deal came as the best of both worlds for Weldon.

Larry A. Tillison and his 2009 Nissan Titan

Larry’s shipping partner had just gone out of business. His own firm was making enough money to pay the staff and keep the house running. With the shipping partner suddenly done, Larry felt stranded in the ocean with no transport to deliver his products. He needed a truck and he needed it immediately. Larry came down to Family Auto, bought a 2009 Nissan Titan with buy here pay here with $500 down, and restarted his deliveries the very next day without much delay. The $500 down offer literally saved Larry’s business. Waiting to save enough money was not an option here.