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Dodge Charger – One of the Top Selling Cars in Buy Here Pay Here at Greenville

There is a very good reason why Dodge Chargers sell very fast. They can roar louder than the Ferraris and provide comfort like the Mercs. And all that, in a price range beyond imagination. Yet, the new models with all its upliftment can be heavy on your pocket initially if you cannot get a credit from the bank. But this doesn’t mean that having a Dodge in your garage should remain a distant dream.

The smart people take action, visit the Family Auto buy here pay here dealerships, where the Dodge Charger sells like steaming hot cake.

The sound it makes when the V6 fires up!

Admit it! That is the only reason you want a Dodge in the first place. Upon ignition, the six cylinders fire up every part of the car and it can haul you from 0 to 60 mph in mere six and a half seconds. 485 HP – the actual strength of Dodge Charger, and if you request the Hellcat under the hood, the power will go up to 700 HP. The top buy here pay here car lots in Greenville SC will always have the model you want. And if they don’t, they will surely get it for you.

All muscle, but generous on fuel

One look at the Dodge Charger will tell you how intimidating the car can be. It can take on an SUV any day, both in size and speed. Despite all this muscle, the Charger is still very fuel efficient. On the highway, it can easily give you an EPA of 30 mpg whereas its combined rating is at a decent 25 mpg. Dodge has maintained this fuel consumption figures on all its Chargers over the years so even if you go for a used car form any of the of our buy here pay here dealership, be sure to get an EPA on these lines.

Believe it or not – a perfect family car

You read that right! All that anger and spitting fire aside, the Dodge Charger is still a great family car. The infotainment system is built for group fun. Some models even come with a sunroof. Suspensions are simply out of this world and safety features are up to the mark. When you buy from the best-used cars or used trucks Greenville SC dealerships, you will get all these features intact, along with warranties that are bound to make your day.

So, rush to the top car lots Greenville SC and get your Dodge Charger today. It’s a top seller and you do not want to miss out.