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5 Best Used Cars to Buy in Berea

Living in Berea, you will need a versatile car.You will want your car to return a decent highway mileage for your occasional travel to nearby cities. And you will want your car to have enough space to fit your family, the weekend grocery, and your overall budget. Fortunately, the best used car dealerships in Berea like Family Auto has vehicles for all types of buyers. And the options are abundant owing to the ever-inflating inventory.

So, if you are looking for the perfect car for Berea, here are 5 best options.

1.2012 Honda Fit

This is the highest rated model out there with an average price hovering around the $8,000 mark. You will get everything in the Honda Fit that you will ever want as a Berea dweller. A highway EPA of 33 mpg, high reliability, modest safety tech, and the assurance of Honda. The most impressive feature is its cargo hold that, even when small, can fit almost everything.

2.2014 Kia Cadenza

The top seller among all family used cars in Berea. The sedan is comfortable, spacious, and posh. Yet, the price will surprise you given the safety and infotainment tech that the Kia Cadenza carries in its 2014 model. EPA wise, it is at par with the likes of Toyota and Buick where the city is rated at 19 mpg and highway at 28 mpg.

3.2016 Toyota Avalon

But if you do not mind a few extra bucks and want a vehicle with a solid engine, unmatched reliability, and the best EPA in the large car segment, the 2016 Toyota Impala is your car. Visit the top used car dealerships in Berea and specifically ask for the 2016 model as the reliability flew off the charts that year. Driving stability is impressive and safety is unparalleled.

4.2012 Subaru Outback

No other wagon gets better for Berea than the 2012 Subaru Outback. The backseat has the most room of the lot. And the cargo hold is large enough to meet all your requirements. Fuel efficiency is where the 2012 Outback impresses the most with 27 mpg highway for an average price of just $11,000. If you want an affordable SUV, get the Outback.

5.2009 Nissan Frontier

The 2009 Frontier edges past the Honda Ridge line of the same year when it comes to used trucks in Berea. Frontier betters Ridge line in EPA, engine choices, affordability, and utility specs. Although many dealerships may tell you that the Ridge line is a better option, for Berea, stick to Nissan Frontier. The ride is comfortable and the truck’s off-road capabilities are modest as well.


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